Craig Campbell

Youtube SEO, Leveraging Rankings to Grow your Audience and Revenue

In this session, I will show you how I’ve been able to grow and scale my YouTube audience in my niche, whilst making money along the way, using my SEO background.

I will show you my full process for launching a video and getting these videos to rank within the hour.

This includes a ton of mistakes I made, and things you want to avoid, such as using certain phrases in your titles that will get you blacklisted by YouTube.

Speaker Bio

Craig Campbell is a Glasgow-based SEO expert with over 22 years experience in the industry. A regular speaker at conferences, offering tips and advice on how to make money online. 

Over the years, Craig has also grown his YouTube channel and been able to use this as a revenue stream, leveraging the power of YouTube and SEO together to get the exposure you might need.

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