Fire Side Q&A with Andrew and Pete

Andrew and Pete are the business duo who help small business owners scale their business so they can stop swapping time for money.

In this session they will answer your burning marketing questions in a Question and Answer session.

Ticket holders are invited to submit questions ahead of time.

How Using AI Can Explode Your YouTube Channel

Austin Armstrong, a seasoned content creator with nearly 600,000 YouTube subscribers and 3 million total social media followers shows you in this session how you can leverage AI tools and proven strategies to grow your YouTube channel faster!

In the age of AI, there is a golden opportunity right now that you can leverage to get ahead of your competitors and outpace them!

Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait. TAKE ACTION!

Catapult Your Paid Ad Performance With Video

Video marketing is essential for any business today – and combining video with paid advertising is the ultimate revenue generating combo. In this can’t-miss session, you’ll discover the top 3 strategies for leveraging video in your paid ads to skyrocket your results.

Find out how to use Meta, TikTok & YouTube to make you more money using videos you can shoot on your phone. No need for fancy professional video shoots or expensive equipment, just a willingness to show up, take notes & implement what you’re going to learn.

You’ll come away with a step by step action plan that you can implement into your business. This session is suitable for all businesses that sell to humans, so if that’s you then you need to be in the room and ready to take act.

YouTube SEO, Leveraging Rankings to Grow your Audience and Revenue

In this session, I will show you how ive been able to grow and scale my YouTube audience in my niche, whilst making money along the way, using my SEO background.

I will show you my full process for launching a video and getting these videos to rank within the hour.

Alongside a ton of mistakes I made, and things you want to avoid, such as using certain phrases in your titles that will get you blacklisted by YouTube.

How a Weekly Livestream Show Will Boost Your Business Growth

Discover the transformative power of weekly livestreams in driving business growth.

This session will delve into the art of repurposing livestream content into podcasts and short-form videos, maximizing reach and engagement.

Learn about the essential tools and strategies to streamline this process and amplify your brand’s presence in the digital landscape.

The Confident Creator: Integrating AI in Video for Authentic Communication

In the evolving landscape of video marketing, where the intersection of AI and human creativity is becoming increasingly prominent, how do we retain the essence of our humanity while leveraging cutting-edge technology?

Ian Anderson Gray, a seasoned live-streaming coach and consultant, invites you to explore the art of blending AI tools with the irreplaceable value of human touch in video content creation.

In this hands-on session, Ian will unveil practical strategies to enhance your productivity and confidence on camera using AI without losing the authenticity that resonates with your audience. Discover how to communicate more effectively in front of the lens, streamline your video production process, and engage viewers with a genuine presence that AI alone cannot replicate.

Prepare to walk away with actionable insights that will empower you to:

– Master AI tools to refine your video creation process while infusing your unique personality into every frame.
– Transform your live video content into an engaging, evergreen powerhouse that connects and converts.
– Harness the power of your authentic self to stand out in the digital realm, making your content not just seen but felt.

Organic Marketing Mastery:
Millions of Views = Millions of Pounds

Jason Graystone is on a mission to provide you with the right YouTube strategy to master your marketing and crush your financial goals!

How We Use YouTube as a B2B Lead Generation Pipeline!

How can you use YouTube to create a pipeline of leads and sales?

Since focusing on LInkedIn content on YouTube, we have been contacted and won at least £30k worth of business this year alone.

YouTube for service based businesses is a no-brainer. Your clients are using Google to search for your services and if you have a YouTube presence, your videos show up in the search results!

Hear how in three years we went from using YouTube to host videos to answer client questions, to taking it seriously as a source of highly qualified leads for business. Rather than focusing on growing an enormous audience, we create content that attracts our ideal clients to us.

YouTube At The Centre Of Your Marketing Strategy

Session Description

Make Real Money And Thrive As A Content Creator On YouTube

Nick Nimmin has been a content creator since 2014. During this time he has helped countless creators thrive on YouTube through his services and free content. He has grown his personal channel to over 900k subscribers and is a trusted voice in the YouTube and online marketing communities.

In his presentation, you’ll learn how creators make real money on YouTube and how you can leverage YouTube for your personal brand or business, even if you don’t get a lot of views.

Diversify Your Creator Revenue with a Membership: How to Build a Profitable Video Membership Business

In “The Video Membership Blueprint: How to Build a Profitable Video Membership Business,” Rob Balasabas, Head of Partnerships & Community at Uscreen.tv, shares his invaluable insights on creating and scaling a successful video membership business for finance content creators.

Drawing from his extensive experience in the creator industry, Rob will share the keys to monetizing your expertise and crafting premium video content, including on-demand and livestream offerings, as well as building an engaged community.

This session offers a comprehensive roadmap for finance content creators seeking to expand their revenue streams, diversify their income, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Attendees will walk away with actionable strategies, tips, and a deeper understanding of the benefits and potential of video memberships. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how to unlock the full potential of your finance content, elevating your brand and boosting your income.

How to Close Bigger Deals

How to Create Pricing Strategies for Your Business and Earn More Money with Fewer Clients

99% business owners adjust their prices once or twice a year or even more rarely than that, and the one thing which stops them from increasing their prices…fear!

Fear of losing clients or repelling customers that you’ve yet to closed. The reality is that in 99% of the time price is never the real objection. Where many business owners struggle is in having the ability to articulate their value to a potential customer with confidence. Imagine if you had a superpower where the customer already knew how amazing you were, what results you got for your customers and whatever price you gave them they simply said, “Yes!” to without hesitation.

During the talk we’ll be covering:

– Why it’s important not to discount
– How too much demand for a product/service can negatively impact a business
– How increasing your prices stops the “Sales Cycle of Doom”
– Why charging what everyone else charges is a bad idea!
– The sad facts of Facebook and its impact on Pricing
– Brief insight into the Money Mindset and Internal Value Systems

Ultimately someone’s got to be the most expensive – so why isn’t it you?

How to Gain 100k Followers in a Year using Short Form Video

I’ll talk them through the 3 steps I took to gain 100k new followers in a year while I’d had surgery and wasn’t even in the office!

The Alchemy of Social Media Psychology – Turn Your Content into Gold

In the dynamic and ever-evolving online space, creating engaging social media content can often feel like navigating a complex maze. Join me as I unlock the secrets into the world of social media psychology revealing its profound influence on your social media strategy and demonstrating how to transform your content into GOLD.

Discover the remarkable connection between human psychology and social media. We’ll delve into the psychological principles that underpin why people like, share, comment, and engage with your content.

You’ll not only gain valuable insights and how to leverage the principles of social media psychology but also receive actionable strategies that have the potential to profoundly transform your social media presence.

These strategies go beyond merely accumulating likes and followers, they will help you create content that resonates deeply with your target audience and is designed to enhance the way you connect with your audience and turn those connections into loyal customers.

Join me for this talk and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to optimise your social media strategy and start turning your content into GOLD.

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