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From Failed Vlogger to 2+ Million Subscribers & 1+ Billion Views

After struggling for years to gain traction on YouTube, Justin Evans had a breakthrough in 2014 that rocketed his channel to over 2 million subscribers and 1 billion views. Justin draws on his journey from failed vlogger to running one of the most popular family channels on YouTube.

He shares the key mindset shifts and strategic pivots that took him from spending years posting videos online that went nowhere to building a channel that struck a chord with millions. From struggling to gain even a small audience to landing sponsorships with massive brands, Justin breaks down the difference between YouTube success and failure.

Attendees will learn:
* The mindset and perseverance needed to break through as a creator
* How to identify and make the pivotal strategic shifts that get traction
* What it takes to convert an audience into a thriving business

Justin’s story serves as an inspirational model for turning passion into a career in the modern digital era. Justin shares hard-earned wisdom from the trenches of content creation, unpacked to provide actionable and motivating insights to attendees. They will leave inspired by Justin’s journey and equipped to implement the keys and principles to success and growth in their own channels and brands.

Speaker Bio

Justin Evans is the co-founder of CustomThumbnails.com, and YouTube.com/EpicToyChannel with 2+ million subscribers and 1+ billion views.

He’s collaborated and with major brands including Mattel, Hasbro, Walmart, Target, Spin Master, DreamWorks TV, Impact Theory, Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins and more.

Justin is also the author of “How To Achieve Anything: The Guide To Getting It Done Now” releasing in January 2024.

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